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Before Spring 2023 - Social Work - MSW

Fall Deadlines

Standard Deadline: January 15, 2023

Program-Specific Instructions

MSW Advanced Standing applicants must have a 3.2 minimum grade point average on a 4.0 scale. In addition to the requirements listed above, one of their two letters of recommendation must be from a Professor or Field Advisor, and they must submit a BSW Field Evaluation Form (pdf).

Note: Be sure to check the MSW Advanced Standing Recommendation box on the Recommendation form in the online admissions application.

Transfer applicants must provide:

1) A copy of all field placement evaluations, and 2) An official letter sent to us from the Dean or the Program Director of the MSW Program from your previous school on official letterhead confirming that you were a student in good standing when you left their program. The verification letter can be emailed to Dr. Vicki Kirsch at

Expanded Goals Statement Instructions

Please respond to these two prompts:

  • Prompt 1: Begin your essay by presenting your understanding of social work (in your own words) and your interest in pursuing a Master of Social Work at George Mason University. Include your reasons for this particular degree in relation to your academic background, work experience, and professional career goals. Describe your personal qualities and development and how they have influenced your career choice. (Prompt 1 length: maximum of 1 page/single spaced).
  • Prompt 2: The NASW Code of Ethics (2021) describes social justice as a core value of the social work profession. Define a social problem that is important to you (e.g., immigration, gender equity, poverty, racism, disability rights); and briefly outline your understanding of the problem/issue, how it is a social justice issue, and the role of social work in addressing the issue. Please use APA 7th edition citation style. (Total Prompt length: maximum of 2 to 3 pages/double spaced).