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Economics - MA

Fall Deadlines

Standard Deadline: February 15, 2024

Application Requirements

College Transcripts Goals Statement Recommendation Letters Resume

Program-Specific Instructions

Additional Information

In addition to holding an undergraduate degree, not necessarily in economics, it is encouraged that applicants should have satisfactorily completed the following before enrolling in graduate courses:

  • Intermediate microeconomics.
  • Intermediate macroeconomics.
  • At least one semester of calculus (MATH 113 or equivalent).
  • At least one semester of statistics (OM 210 or STAT 250 and STAT 350, or equivalent).

The department considers all applications, considers them as a whole, and there is no minimum GPA or GRE required. To provide a baseline, the average incoming MA student has a GPA of 3.36 and GRE percentile scores of 73% verbal and 55% quantitative (for those who choose to submit GRE scores which are optional).

GRE scores are optional. Scores must be submitted by applicants who believe the GRE scores will lead to a better demonstration of their qualifications. Submitted GRE scores may be no older than 5 years. The general exam will suffice, no subject test is needed.

The admissions committee places a great deal of emphasis also on the quality of grades received in economics courses as well as courses taken in science and mathematics. No applicant will be disadvantaged because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak or their school’s decisions about transcripts. Our admissions review will assess applicants in the context of their curriculum and academic achievements before and after the pandemic outbreak.

There are no formal requirements for content or length for the goals statement; applicants commonly discuss their choice for economics study, interest in George Mason economics, and future or career goals, but may include any information they would like the admissions review committee to consider. 

A writing sample is optional and will be reviewed if included with the application.

The Masters in Economics is also offered as an online program and accepts applications on a rolling basis. Please visit the MA in Economics online program webpage for more information about applying.