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Neuroscience - PHD

Fall Deadlines

Priority Deadline: December 01, 2023
Funding Deadline: December 01, 2023
Standard Deadline: December 01, 2023

Spring Deadlines

Priority Deadline: November 01, 2024
Standard Deadline: November 01, 2024

Application Requirements

College Transcripts Goals Statement Recommendation Letters Resume

Program-Specific Instructions

The neuroscience program at Mason emphasizes the relationship between the cellular and molecular function of the nervous system and the behavior of an organism. 

The main objective of the program is to prepare students to participate at the cutting edge of this exciting field in academia, industry, and government. The program provides students with a rich interdisciplinary intellectual environment that fosters the development of the skills they will need to successfully pursue research careers.

Current faculty research focuses on the broad areas of behavior, anatomy, physiology, neuropharmacology, molecular biology, computational modeling, and informatics. External research collaborations exist with federal agencies, private and not-for-profit corporations, and other universities. The scope of research ranges from the subcellular and molecular level (in the context of such phenomena as drug addiction and the biological basis of schizophrenia) to the systems and behavioral level.