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College Teaching - Higher Education Pedagogy - Certificate

Fall Deadlines

Standard Deadline: March 15, 2024

Spring Deadlines

Standard Deadline: November 01, 2023

Application Requirements

College Transcripts Goals Statement Recommendation Letters Resume Writing Sample

Program-Specific Instructions

Additional Information

Application to the Certificate Program Only

Goals Statement (uploaded via online application): This essay demonstrates the applicant's writing ability and the background and credentials that qualify the applicant for certificate study at George Mason University. Applicants should also use this essay to express what they hope to achieve professionally and how the certificate can help achieve that. The essay should convey that applying to this program has been an informed and thoughtful process. 

Writing Sample: This document should be a formal piece of writing that demonstrates the applicant's ability to write at the graduate level, creating a thesis statement and using scholarly literature to make and support an argument.

Application to Certificate Program as a Secondary Program

Applicants to the graduate certificate in college teaching who are already accepted or enrolled in a degree program in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences must submit a Graduate Secondary Certificate Program Application.