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Epidemiology - Certificate

Fall Deadlines

Standard Deadline: March 01, 2024

Program-Specific Instructions

Applications for this program must be submitted through SOPHAS. When applying to SOPHAS, applicants must include:

  • Official U.S./Canadian transcripts from ALL schools attended (if applicable)
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of Purpose and Objectives
    • Please clearly and directly address the following: 1) Which 1-2 Global and Community Health faculty members who do research of consequence on global health (Griffin, Gupta, Roess, von Fricken, Williams) would you like to work with? What research do they do that interests you, and why?; 2) How will earning an MS in Global Health help you achieve your academic and/or professional goals?; 3) What have you learned from successes and/or challenges in your past educational, professional, and/or personal experiences? Please use specific examples, as applicable.
  • Two letters of recommendation

In addition to the general application, international students must submit:

  • World Education Services (WES) ICAP course-by-course evaluation of academic records from institutions outside of the U.S. and English-speaking Canada. SOPHAS will only accept WES evaluations.
  • English proficiency test scores for applicants who attended post-secondary institutions outside of the U.S, Canada (excluding the province of Quebec), Commonwealth Caribbean, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand.
    • TOEFL: send scores to SOPHAS using code 5688
    • IELTS: send scores directly to George Mason University using code 5827